In Memory of Christina Garner

On June 25th 2020, 34 year old Christina Garner’s long battle with RRP came to a tragic end. To quote Christina’s father, Rocky, “… our warrior princess has passed away due to complications from having yet another surgery. She dealt with this disease for 33 years with courage and a fierce determination to not let it define her life.” Judy’s mom had lost count of exactly how many surgeries, but was rather sure that Christina had endured more than 400 surgeries for RRP during her lifetime. She developed pulmonary RRP and in 2014 she was diagnosed with lung cancer which only compounded her RRP battle. Christina was one of the rare very aggressive RRP patients who did not seem to respond to any adjunctive treatment, but she never gave up trying new treatment suggestions.
Christina is survived by her parents Judy and Rocky, who were always there for her. All of us in the RRP community will greatly miss this incredible, inspiring RRP warrior.
Christina Garner

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