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Anti-PDL-1 Therapy for Aggressive RRP

RRP Brochure

We have published a 2 page RRP resource pamphlet as a pdf available:
2-sided printable 3-column brochure


We continue to seek additional help in preparing, editing and coordinating the publication of the RRP Newsletter. In particular, we are seeking a volunteer to take on the lead role of coordinating and publishing future issues. If you are interested in assisting in any way, please contact Bill Stern at

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Otolaryngogly and RRP

Mass Eye and Ear Pediatric Otolaryngology
Bastian Medical Media for laryngology
—–> RRP
—–> Glottic Webbing

The American Academy of Otolaryngology
Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Voice Center
The Johns Hopkins Center for Laryngeal and Voice Disorders
The Long Island Jewish Department of Otolaryngology
University of Pitttsburgh Voice Center

HPV Sites

American Sexual Health Association
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

RRP/Support Web sites

The International Papillomavirus Society
International RRP ISA Center
RRP Patient Tony Lekas Personal Site


RRPF Task Force Guidelines
RRPF in ENT News, September 1997
RRPF Research Report: I3C – IFN
Risk factors for juvenile-onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis, 1998

RRP Reference Service

RRP Reference Service Fall-Winter 2013 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Fall 2011 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Fall 2008 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Summer 2007 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Summer 2006 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Winter 2005-2006 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Fall 2004 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Spring 2003 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Fall 2002 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Spring 2002 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Fall 2001 (PDF)
RRP Reference Service Winter 2001


Learn About Speech and Language Disorders
The Voice Problem, the Watergate Voice Foundation