Patient Stories


Carter's Story

Carter’s Mom, Jessica, shares their journey with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP). Carter’s journey is far too common, and many adults diagnosed as a child share his story into adulthood.  It is a diagnosis for life disease, and we are always working towards greater patient support, research into non-surgical treatments, and always looking towards the cure for RRP.  

Today, we are hopeful that we are close to no child having this diagnosis, and we know global immunity to HPV is how we get there.

We are on the cusp of finding non surgical treatment options, and hopefully one day soon a cure, but we need your support to continue moving forward. Your donation and support are so deeply appreciated, and provide hope for our current RRP warriors and for the generation to come.

Breaking News!!!

RRPF President, Kim McClellan to speak at the White House Rare Disease Forum

Tonight! February 28th @ 5:30PM EST